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Real Estate Finance

One of our four perspectives. Focus on the financing strategy and structuring.

Nowadays, it is not necessarily of high quality to present a multitude of financing options, but rather to identify the one that opens up the right development space in the respective time frame.

Markets develop by becoming ever more specialised. This also applies to the market of possible financing options for the buyer of a commercial property. Specialisation brings complexity. Are more sources emerging or just different names? In Europe in particular, financiers and investors lack a clear picture of available capital as well as reliable statistics on transactions.

Therefore, one of our most important services is to understand the situation and prospects of a property in such a way that we create transparency for exactly the right financing scenario - and to identify it precisely.
We supply extensive experience for commercial real estate and agile knowledge of current capital market opportunities. Supported by a diverse market access, we source, structure and execute: debt, equity and mezzanine capital.

Our Methology

Limiting possibilities. But without limitations.

Bond, senior loan or equity? Regional, national or international? From our methodical and structured approach, we have a clear recommendation: the optimal structuring must follow the buyer's overall aim. And the overall aim, in turn, we analyse and determine in our 360° perspective with opportunities regarding development and implementation.


You can rely on our network - we will find the appropriate partner for your project for every structuring proposal.

360° Service Approach

How would you describe your commercial property today? What can it be in tomorrow’s market? What level of value can be created or added? And what exactly is required to make this a reality? At Oceans & Company, we answer these questions from a 360° perspective, linking our Asset Management, Investment Management, Investment Advisory and Real Estate Finance services in an agile and targeted manner. We prove this both effectively and passionately.

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