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A commercial property is first of all a series of numbers. What is it worth today? How seriously can we predict that tomorrow will bring a noticeable value uplift? Of course, this is a key component of the advice offered by our experienced team. However, this is just one aspect of our broad palette of services from which, methodically and passionately, our highly-specialised and agile team take a holistic approach from other perspectives.

A 360° view also enables us to assess how the property is perceived in the market and to develop an achievable vision of the position it will assume in the market environment of the future. What strategies are essential for an effective and compelling marketing of the property? Which arguments and economic scenarios suit the buyers and sellers?

Our consultancy service develops robust ideas which are thoroughly and transparently tested based on statistics and market outlooks. By combining our four services, we can form a holistic overview from several perspectives rather than just from one angle. This holistic view can, in some cases, be so compelling that we even consider involving ourselves as an investor.

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