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Asset Management

One of our four perspectives. Focus on the market positioning.

A commercial property is not just founded on concrete, but also on market opinion. This statement describes best what we mean by pro-active asset management and the strategic positioning of commercial real estate.

The life cycle of a property offers different challenges and opportunities that are closely related to the general and local market environment. Our focus is to identify the specific requirements for the value-adding marketing of the property – but not to remain in theory. In close coordination with owners and selected service providers, we also implement the accompanying measures that ensure a visible and effective repositioning. Our services in innovative property marketing also include support in letting services with experienced market access.

In the aforementioned life cycle of the property, we always combine our other services investment advisory, investment management and real estate finance to create a contemporary picture with the current possibilities of the respective market situation.

Our Methology

Sometimes unconventional, always effective.

For us, asset management is a structured process with clear valuation approaches and analytical methods. In our perspective on the current and potential future positioning of the property, we take into account the following phases, which we combine into an overall assessment and targeted recommendations, e.g. in property marketing or landlord services. Sometimes unconventional, always effective.

Strategic analysis
Strategic development

Implementation of strategy

360° Service Approach

How would you describe your commercial property today? What can it be in tomorrow’s market? What level of value can be created or added? And what exactly is required to make this a reality? At Oceans & Company, we answer these questions from a 360° perspective, linking our Asset Management, Investment Management, Investment Advisory and Real Estate Finance services in an agile and targeted manner. We prove this both effectively and passionately.

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