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Investment Advisory

One of our four perspectives. Focus on acquisition and sales situations.

The change of ownership of a commercial property is ultimately expectation management. For buyers, sellers and the market of tomorrow. Views and expectations on both sides of a transaction deserve analytical precision that creates transparency.

Views and expectations on both sides of a transaction deserve analytical precision that creates transparency. Our approach here fulfils the complexity with which an analysis must be carried out. In close cooperation with our internal experts, we consistently exploit the strength of linking our perspectives and bring in well-founded aspects from the field of asset management as well as reliable figures from real estate finance. This demonstrates that we are able to competently accompany and transparently manage a transaction throughout all phases. With technical expertise as well as with organisational and procedural leadership.

Our Methology

Down to the last detail. Up to the horizon of possibilities.

No mass production. Rather more 15 years of experience for selected and challenging objects. That's why our pencil and market outlook is a little bit sharper. With our own tools for cash flow calculations and our own mind made up regarding the different market opportunities. Our service overview and approach shows the basic capabilities – which are of course adjusted very individually for your task.

Highly focused services for investors.
Situation-, property-, market- and potential analysis from various perspectives.
Access to national and international institutional investors for maximum deal attention and price dynamics 
Marketing tools on an international level.

360° Service Approach

How would you describe your commercial property today? What can it be in tomorrow’s market? What level of value can be created or added? And what exactly is required to make this a reality? At Oceans & Company, we answer these questions from a 360° perspective, linking our Asset Management, Investment Management, Investment Advisory and Real Estate Finance services in an agile and targeted manner. We prove this both effectively and passionately.

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