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How do we conceive and create value in the commercial real estate sector?
At Oceans & Company, we combine our four services to identify and uncover your market advantage.

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Market maker.

At Oceans & Company, we adopt a targeted, holistic and well-considered approach to create or add value in the commercial real estate sector. We offer a dynamic and individual consultancy service by combining our four services in an experienced and highly-focused manner. By forming an encompassing overview, we can create an intelligently conceived strategy to enable us to align your potential with the opportunities in the market.

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We read the commercial property market both analytically and creatively.

A property is never just a static object. During its life cycle, it opens up various opportunities in a market subject to equally dynamic changes. We combine hard facts and figures with promising perspectives in our anticipation of the market.

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Four services.
Targeted perspectives.

How would you describe your commercial property today? What can it be in tomorrow’s market? What level of value can be created or added? And what exactly is required to make this a reality? At Oceans & Company, we answer these questions from a 360° perspective, linking our Asset Management, Investment Management, Investment Advisory and Real Estate Finance services in an agile and targeted manner. We prove this both effectively and passionately.

AssetManagement InvestmentAdvisory InvestmentManagement Real EstateFinance 360° service
Principal Advisory.Repositioning Consulting.Letting Services.
Sell Side Advisory.Buy Side Advisory.Special Situations.
Co-Investments.Joint Venture.Club Deals.

Asset Management

Principal Advisory. Repositioning Consulting. Letting Services.

A commercial property is not just founded on concrete, but also on market opinion. This statement best describes what we mean by pro-active asset management and the strategic positioning of commercial real estate.
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Real Estate Finance

Debt. Equity. Mezzanine.

One of our most important services is to understand the situation and prospects of a property and to be able to structure and execute a tailor-made financing scenario.
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Investment Advisory

Sell Side Advisory. Buy Side Advisory. Special Situations.

The change of ownership of a commercial property is ultimately expectation management. For buyers, sellers and the market of tomorrow. Views and expectations on both sides of a transaction deserve analytical precision that creates transparency.
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Investment Management

Co-Investments. Joint Venture. Club Deals.

We stand for value-creating opportunities for commercial real estate in dynamic markets. With sophisticated business plans, we provide a boost for development potentials, which can be actively accompanied and fine-tuned measurements.
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Calm waters or turbulent seas. From value to added value. Will 2030 be like 2009? Will the returns from high-rise buildings skyrocket? Please do not hesitate to contact us with any specific questions.