Oceans & Company attracts two further international brands to the MesseTurm

Michael Rubel

Market News
25 Jun 2017

With Premier Inn and the Woori Bank, Oceans & Company has secured two further well-known international tenants for the MesseTurm.

From Summer 2017, the British hotel operator Premier Inn will rent around 580 sqm of office space in the MesseTurm for its German headquarters, laying the foundations for its forthcoming growth in Germany. Premier Inn is a British hotel chain based in Luton. With around 700 hotels in the UK, Ireland and Germany, 55,000 rooms and some 10,000 employees, it is one of the largest hotel chains in the country.

From Autumn 2017, the South Korean Woori Bank will rent around 560 sqm of office space in the MesseTurm for its European headquarters, thereby no longer relying on London, but on Frankfurt for its expansion plans in Europe. The bank is part of the Woori Financial Group, South Korea's second largest financial group, and is currently mainly active in Asia.

Oceans & Company advises the landlord in the letting and repositioning of the MesseTurm.