Great start to 2016 for 'die welle'

Oliver Alexander Obert
Managing Partner (Gründer)

Market News
15 Apr 2016

With the completion of the newly designed courtyard area and the presentation of a new show office, 'die welle' is facing the future with a new look.

The courtyard was officially opened and the show office presented to the property market between 13th and 15th April.

The most striking elements of the repositioning concept for the complex comprise the spectacular new courtyard design by the renowned architects Schneider + Schumacher, as well as a modern and uniform fit-out concept emphasising the high technical quality of the building. Further innovative marketing tools include the new website with space configuration module, the redesign of the vacant areas and a comprehensive communication system.

As a specialist in the repositioning of office properties, Oceans & Company produced a sophisticated strategic concept for 'die welle' and was then responsible for the implementation of the project.

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