Kölner Strasse 3 becomes 'KÖ3' - an addition to the KÖ-Campus Eschborn

Dr. Joachim von Rheinbaben
Managing Director

Market News
18 Jul 2017

The total area of almost 12,000 sqm is spread across seven above-ground floors and two basement levels. In addition to the reopening of the cafeteria, KÖ3 will now have the same fit-out specification as its sister buildings, KÖ10 and KÖ12. This means that, in addition to the redesigning of the grounds and lobby, the building will be retrofitted with a cooling system and all windows will be replaced.

The first lease contract for over 3,800 sqm was concluded just one week after the successful purchase of the KÖ3. This means that a total of 15,000 sqm has been let in KÖ-Campus Eschborn over the past 12 months.

Oceans & Company manages the KÖ campus for the owner, Cilon.