Frankfurt: book exhibition opens in Frankfurt

Oliver Alexander Obert
Managing Partner (Founder)

09 Feb 2017

Sponsored by Oceans & Company

96 of Mateo Hamann's photographs have been published in a large-format panorama photograph book in December 2016. 28 of those works are now being displayed in Exhibition Hall 1A at Schulstrasse 1A under the title 'Frankfurt'. The show will be opened this evening at 19.00 by Dr. Matthias Alexander, department head of the Rhein-Main-Zeitung, the regional section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper.

Extract from the Frankfurter Neue Presse newspaper: '...Frankfurt's skyscrapers are the symbol of the city and are some of the most popular photographic and movie images used to project the city to the outside world. Even if you think you know the skyscrapers' gleaming façades, Mateo Hamann will show you the exact opposite is true. His pictures take the viewer on a voyage of discovery, showing the city's towers from totally new and extraordinary perspectives. The photographer creates contrasts, selects excerpts deconstructing the architectural structures and at the same time laying them open. He focusses on the façades' geometric forms showing the interrelationship both to each other and the historic buildings around the city. He captures reflections and plays with the architectural juxtapositions. One example is the photograph showing the reflected contours of the MesseTurm in the mirror façade of the high-rise Kastor building. In another work, Hamann demonstrates a perspective showing the architecture of the skyscrapers Tower 185 and Pollux opened up like the pages of a Leporello pop-up book.'

Oceans & Company is delighted to be sponsoring Mateo's exhibition.

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