The classic FBC high-rise and our concept that paved the way for a sale

Hochhaus FBC Frankfurt

Investment Advisory is a service that requires a robust set of figures, behind which lie scenarios. In the case of FBC (Frankfurter Büro Center), a potential scenario involved a complete renovation that required a professional investigation and calculation of costs. A sale with or without such a renovation naturally significantly changes possible buying interests and investor groups.

The property

FBC is the classic high-rise building in Frankfurt par excellence. Designed by the German architect Richard Heil, it represents the classical architectural language of the 20th Century. The architectural design of the building was strongly influenced by the international style associated with Walter Gropius, Philip Johnson and Mies van der Rohe.

Facts & figures

Property name FBC
Address Mainzer Landstraße 40-46 in 60325 Frankfurt am Main
Submarket CBD
Asset class Office
Year(s) of construction 1974-1980, 2008-2013
Lettable area 50,000 sqm
Risk category Opportunistic
Seller Whitehall
Buyer Intown
Activities Sell-side mandate
Mandate period 2013-2015

The challenge

The seller assumed that the achievable sale price would be based on a scenario of complete renovation. Our initial task was to work with the architects MOW and specialists at D&S to develop a (costed) concept for this scenario, including the façade. At the same time, we strongly recommended targeting the sale at a group of investors that generally look to underwrite a minimum of CapEx measures in order to present the purchase price determination as clearly as possible from the seller's perspective.

Our Investment Advisory service requires a comprehensive knowledge of investor groups and with this, the ability to steer sales processes consistent with their focus. In the case of FBC, we focused on investors seeking opportunistic situations while pricing aggressively.

The tools

Map, micro location

Map, macro location

Feasibility study

Investment Memorandum

The result

Building Value: The positive results from Investment Advisory and Asset Management for FBC

Oceans and company fbc titelbild
  • The buyer purchased the building without exact plans for refurbishment, which enabled an achievement of a higher sales price
  • Significantly higher sales price than the seller’s expectations
  • Efficient process with no delays related to assessments of other usage concepts from other interested parties thanks to previously detailed preparation

Sales processes achieve maximum security for both sides if complex details have been clarified not only during negotiations, but beforehand. In the case of FBC, the buyer acquired the property without firm renovation plans at an attractive price for the seller - a success due to our careful preparations.